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FCR™: Flow Complexity Recognition for direct wind measurements in complex terrain

The WINDCUBE® v2 Doppler Lidar Remote Sensor is widely considered to provide the most accurate readings of horizontal and vertical wind speed and direction of any remote sensor utilized in the wind energy industry today. In simple terrain its measurements are equivalent to, and virtually indistinguishable from, those recorded by industry-standard Class One anemometers. Simply put, WINDCUBE data is bankable data.

In complex terrain and complex flow, all remote sensors which feature volume averaging are prone to measurement bias, the magnitude of which depends on the complexity of the flow and also the remote sensor itself.

Until now, that is.

Supported by the fifth vertical beam, the FCR™ option enables the WINDCUBE® v2 to provide highly accurate, bankable data in all terrain types. FCR™ combines hardware and software innovations to allow for direct, accurate wind speed measurements – no post-processing or post-correction required.

FCR™ is being tested and validated by independent industry experts in various locations around the globe.

CRES validation campaign, Greece, 2010
• GL-Garrad Hassan validation campaign, Canada, 2011: ongoing campaign
• Acciona Energia / Barlovento validation campaign, Spain, 2011: ongoing campaign

FCR is available as an add-on option to existing WINDCUBE® v2 Lidar Remote Sensors, and as an integrated upgrade to new WINDCUBE® v2 purchases.

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